Jey Hinshaw, son of Jeff and Brenda Hinshaw, was born and raised in Perryton, class of 2005. While working at Bartlett Lumber through high school he was influenced to pursue a career in Heating and Air Conditioning. He completed the vocational training in 2006. He married high school sweetheart Alicia Barkley, daughter of Barry and Kerri Barkley, in 2007. She is a licensed massage therapist here in Perryton. Jey came to work at Bob Jay’s for Bill Bailey in 2006 making only $1.50 over minimum wage.

  Jey received his Texas Air Conditioning Contractor license in 2008 and Oklahoma Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractor license in 2009. Jey’s plumbing started with the Tradesman License in 2009, Journeyman’s License in 2010, and his Master License in 2015. He added the Commercial Refrigeration License to his list of accomplishments in 2017. After purchasing the company in 2017 Jey continued to grow the service area by adding Oklahoma plumbing Mechanical Contractor’s license in 2019. Bob Jay’s is fully licensed and insured in both Texas and Oklahoma for Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration, making Bob Jay’s fully competent, fully qualified for any service call.

Bob Jay’s consists of knowledgeable, trustworthy technicians and plumbers to ensure the best service. They have been active team players who also help grow this company into what it is today. While God gives people special gifts and talents, commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans, Proverbs 16:3. We work as if we are working for the Lord, Colossians 3:23.

  Jey and Alicia Hinshaw as Perryton natives continue to raise their family as Rangers, their children Jacey, Trey, and Jax. The Hinshaw’s believe Perryton was a great place to not only grow up, but to start careers, and raise a family. To the family, friends, churches, and teachers that helped shape us into who we are and gave us opportunities to serve our community, thank you. We truly appreciate your friendships and business. You are the town that built us. RPND

Prior owner, Bill Bailey, was working at Askew Tire Company on 7th Street in Amarillo, Texas in the early seventies. A plumbing company named Bob Jay's in Amarillo would bring their trucks in to get fuel. Bill would pump their fuel and told the owner, Bob McGaughy, when he needed a helper, he would like to apply for the job. In 1972 Bill went to work for Bob Jay's in Amarillo. After 4 years, he got his Journeyman's License and a year later his Master’s License.

Perryton was experiencing an oil boom in 1977, Bob Jay's of Perryton, Inc. was formed by Robert "Bob" McGaughy and Bill Bailey. They were doing the plumbing on homes being built in Swingle Cutter addition by Ochiltree General Hospital. 

The first location of Bob Jay's was in a 2-car garage built onto a house on Birch Street.  As the business grew, Bill hired people to help him.  In 1980, he bought stock in the business and moved to a building on Ash Street, across from the library. In 1982 Bob Jay's built a new shop south of Perryton and was there until moving to the current location at 802 S. Ash.

Bob Jay's continued to grow over the years and had many employees. In 2006 Bill hired Jey who was still enrolled in Southwest Kansas Technical School. One of the best decisions I made. He was only 19 years old gifted at working on heaters and air conditioners.  He worked for me just shy of 12 years until Bill retired August of 2017, selling the company to Jey and Alicia Hinshaw. 


Steven Gray was a graduate of Perryton High school class of 2006. He is the son of Steve Gray, owner of Steve’s Handyman Services in partnership with Parrish Construction. Working in construction with his dad was foundational to Steven’s future career in Heating and Air Conditioning. He has been a registered Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician since 2015. He helps wherever needed. He’s been employed since December 12 th 2014 at Bob Jay’s.

Mathew Younger husband to Audrey Brillhart younger. Father to Charlie, Payton and Preston Younger. Graduate class of 2006 from Spearman, Texas. He started working as a plumber with his father Jim Younger, owner of A1 Plumbing, when he was 12 years old. He has loved being a plumber every day since. He was proud to add a heating and air license to his skills when he started at Bob Jay’s on February 22, 2017. Mathew has been a plumber in big city's and small towns but is glad to have found a home at Bob Jay’s.   

Jesus Cordova graduated from Liberal High school in 2011. He went to tech school for HVAC Southwest Seward County and graduated in 2012. He worked for other HVAC companies in Liberal Kansas before moving to Perryton in 2019, where he and his wife reside. He plans to raise a family in Perryton while working at Bob Jay’s. We’re glad he has joined our team, we see so much professionalism in his work ethic making him a suitable technician for service calls. He is glad to add on plumbing to his professional career, coming into work ready to take on the day.